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Are millennials going to kill the suburbs?

The suburban home has served as an important cultural icon in this country since its inception post WWII. It has held its place as an aspirational staple of the American dream. However, as millennials enter their peak home buying years, they are becoming homeowners later and at lower rates.

  • How has growing up in the 21st century affected this generation’s idea of the American dream, its desirability, and its achievability?
  • As the largest generation in US history, how will this affect our cities?
  • As designers, how should we rethink our work as well as and the structure of our workplaces? Baby boomers and Generation X have undeniably propelled the profession into the 21st century, but millennials will soon set the prevailing culture of both the workforce and built environment.


Jill Grano

Jill Grano

Sara Taketatsu

Sara Taketatsu
Sopher Sparn Architects

Ted Church

Marty Brodsky

Janna Ferguson, Pyatt Studio

Janna Ferguson
Pyatt Studio

Ivan Patino, Workshop8

Ivan Patino