Project Description

Cornerstone Homes

As a leading custom home builder, we are committed to providing the expertise, tools, and enthusiasm to create living spaces that truly reflect the lifestyle needs and creative passions of our clients. As third-generation builders, we have a passion for construction and have been honing our craft for more than 20 years. We go above and beyond on all projects we are engaged in as we recognize the importance of having a built environment that improves our local communities and brings people together in a safe, functional, and aesthetically beautiful surrounding.

Not only do we value the quality and workmanship of the projects we are engaged in, we are dedicated to creating sustainable homes that utilize the earth’s natural resources to benefit our humankind and the environment we live in. Cornerstone Homes is an award-winning leader in the green building community having built over a dozen net zero energy homes and co-built a home that received the highest residential LEED Platinum rating in the world. In addition, Cornerstone has proudly been featured in several publications including Modern in Denver, Dwell, Boulder County Home & Garden and The New York Times.

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