Handmade embossed leather goods, built to last a lifetime. Each piece is crafted from start to finish from the highest quality materials. Every Animal bag is unique, having its own markings and character. Some will have secret messages you’ll never read.

What is the story behind your latest designs/collection?

My designs, throughout the scope of Animal, always circulate around the same theme: the friction of being alive. I aim to hone in on the moments in life that are ripe with potential but the outcome has yet to reveal itself. These moments contain disaster and delight, creation and destruction in equal measure. It is, for me, the most interesting state of being.

When designing who is the person you have in mind?

The seeker, the breaker, the relentless

What has been the most challenging thing when starting your own brand?

Learning to run a business. Full stop.

What is the most important thing you have learned about design and yourself since then?

There is no bottom to one’s creative well, but you must respond to each idea as an entity with specific needs. Be that material, application, location, audience. If you constrain those parameters out of ego or identity, the well will dry up.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations?

Anything trying to grow. Anything stubborn.

What would be your one piece of advice to anyone embarking into the design business?

I can’t say yet. Still flopping around myself 🙂

Any Shoutouts?

Thanks to mom and pops for raising me to see my life as endlessly constructible with my own effort and will.