Avery Lee Design is contemporary handmade jewelry made in the heart of Boulder, Colorado. Simple and unique custom designs made for the bold and inspired person.

What is the story behind your latest designs/collection?

This collection happens to be my first, and it is based off of the 9 Greek Muses. I started metalsmithing and designing after taking a basic metalsmithing class after the unexpected death of my Dad in 2015. Swimming through deep grief I found myself finding solace in the process of designing and creating. After working in a very unstructured and almost cathartic way, I found that certain simple motifs and imagery kept resurfacing in my work without effort. It wasn’t until I became interested in looking a little deeper into where I find my inspiration, that I stumbled upon the mythology of the 9 Greek Muses, their symbology, and the significance of simple geometric shapes. Connecting this lineage of ancient storytelling and myth with the current experience of my place in time became the starting place for this collection.

When designing who is the person you have in mind?

Someone bold, who prioritizes self expression, connection with nature, and balance.

What has been the most challenging thing when starting your own brand?

Integrating my vision with the reality of my current skill-set. I am both a beginner in metalsmithing and business, so diving in so fully with little knowledge of either has been incredibly challenging. I am learning so much! I keep reminding myself to slow down and enjoy the process of being a beginner in this new field. In the past, most of my art making has been spontaneous and built off of improvisation. It has been challenging to integrate that process with such a linear and meticulous craft like metalsmithing.

What is the most important thing you have learned about design and yourself since then?

Trust the process. I am realizing that my ability to approach design in a unique and spontaneous way is actually my biggest strength. I am slowly cultivating more patience with myself and where I think both my business and metalsmithing skills need to be. There is a long and exciting road ahead with plenty of time to keep learning and creating.

Who are some of your biggest inspirations?

StyleLikeU and their views on radical self acceptance, all the strong women in my life, my dad and his ability to prioritize joy and living large. What would be your one piece of advice to anyone embarking into the design business?

Collaborate with other designers, makers, artist’s. You don’t have to do it “on your own.” There is strength in being humble and connecting with other brands.

Any Shoutouts?

Shout out to my amazing friend and talented graphic designer, Noelle Roth, who designed my logo and branding and the amazing local women who helped collaborate with me on my collection lookbook Photographer: Alison Vagnini  Stylist- Jules Fuller, and models Zuri Leigh and Chandler Reed. THANK YOU!!!