Month of Modern is extremely fortunate to form partnerships with other organizations that share our values. Blackbelly, Month of Modern’s Official Catering Partner, is one of those. As you’ll see from the post below, one of the many things Blackbelly shares with Month of Modern is the commitment to providing patrons or guests an exceptional, unparalleled experience.

When I mention Blackbelly as a food sponsor, you might immediately assume we’ll be eating meat. So you might be surprised to see what else we’ll actually enjoy!

Yes, Blackbelly has great meat. They also have great salads, great appetizers, desserts and everything is super fresh and local. But they also have an incredible catering menu.

And while many of the catering options are listed on their menu, according to the owners, “the sky is the limit”. You may choose beautiful Tartines, cheese & charcuterie platters, or amazing artisan tea sandwiches.

So, what type of Catering needs do you have coming up? Maybe a birthday party? An office event? Or looking ahead to the Holidays? Blackbelly has more than just great meat!

If you have a Catering need, definitely give Blackbelly an opportunity to impress you – with the menu selection, the presentation and the ease of working with them too!

We look forward to enjoying this amazing food with you!