Not only does Month of Modern present the Boulder region as one of the nation’s most vibrant hubs of modern design, but it also partners with non-profit organizations to help raise funds for a particular cause. This year, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Boulder Ballet, an organization dedicated to delivering excellence in artistic expression and igniting a passion for dance through cutting-edge performance, high-caliber training, inclusivity, and community outreach.

Month of Modern, held in September in Boulder, will feature opportunities to raise funds for this deserving organization at all events throughout the month.

Dance is Transformative

Dance is a profound vehicle for creative self-expression and joy, and can provide life-altering impact to those who experience and engage with its power.

Both Rigor and Play are Valuable

Within excellence of training, education and performance, playfulness and rigor create a balanced environment of tenacity and fun.

We Champion Each Other

We support, listen and lift one another up– helping each other as staff, faculty, students and board members to be our best selves and achieve Boulder Ballet’s mission.

Authentic Relationships Matter

The relationships between our artists, patrons and partners are key to our success. These relationships are symbiotic and create a rich and fulfilling community, spreading the love and impact of our art.

Dance Supports Emotional and Physical Well-Being

Through personal expression and physical movement, dance supports individual health and well-being.

Diversity Makes Dance Better

Diversity of perspectives, ideas, life experience, talent, and culture enriches the artistry and practice of dance. We seek, celebrate and include that richness.

Dance is for All

Creating an accessible and inclusive community that welcomes individuals of all races, ethnicities, genders, sexual orientations, ages, socioeconomic backgrounds, religions, abilities and body types is at the heart of the life-altering power of dance.

To learn more about Boulder Ballet visit here.