September 20th -30th, load up your sun screen, flippy floppies, bicycle, and camera phones…. it’s time to capture as many prize-winning pictures as possible!

The event is an Instagram photo-driven scavenger hunt with 23 different photo locations around Boulder. Points will be tallied and winners will be announced by Oct 7th at, and on Community Cycles Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts


  • Register an Instagram account.

  • Hunt away from September 20-30 posting photos of yourself in front of the places on the list. Only photos loaded between those dates will be counted toward your point total.

  • Use the hashtags provided with the respective clues. We will use the hashtags to find each photo submission so without the hashtag, our judges will not be able to vote on your picture.

  • Points will be tallied and winners will be announced by Oct 7th at, and on Community Cycles Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts


Prize pick-up will be at Community Cycles 2601 Spruce St the first week of October. Prize winners & times/dates for pick up will be listed on

  • The top 70 winners (in number of points) will win a Park Tool Multi-tool provided by our sponsor Alpine Bank.
  • The top 30 winners will win a Park Tool Multi-tool and a Month of Modern knit beanie.
  • The top ten winners will win the Park Tool Multi tool, the beanie and a Month of Modern fanny pack.


  • Boulder’s most recent Vision Zero initiative resulted in new speed limit signs in residential neighborhoods. Share a selfie with one of these new signs. #boulderbikeswherever #communitycycles
  • Show off your Health Heroes pride and share a photo of yourself in a mask while you ride by the Boulder Community Hospital #boulderbikeswherever #supportourhealthheroes
  • What’s your favorite trail? Share a photo of you and your bike by the sign for your favorite trail. #boulderbikeswherever
  • Do you bus then bike? Share a photo of you with your bike on the front of a bus! #boulderbikeswherever #bouldertc
  • The CU campus has three sculptures featuring the school mascot. Share a photo with one of them! #boulderbikeswherever #transportationbuffs
  • Look for the quote by Frederick Law Olmsted, Jr, at Lovers’ Hill Park. He was a leader for the creation of urban parks, like Central Park in NYC. #boulderbikeswherever #urbanparks
  • Stop by Community Cycles, say hello and share a photo in front of our building! #boulderbikeswherever #communitycyles
  • Share a video video of your ride on Boulder’s oldest bike path. Hint: it runs from the Main Boulder Library to Scott Carpenter Park. #boulderbikeswherever
  • Shine your light on the paths and trails – Share a video of your night light set-up on your bike. #boulderbikeswherever #lightupyourbike
  • Share a video of yourself in your favorite cycling or bike commuting outfit and tell us what you love about riding! #boulderbikeswherever #communitycycles
  • Tricked out bikes! Share a video showing how you’ve “tricked out” your bike to make your commute easier, safer, and more fun! #boulderbikeswherever
  • Use your signals! Share a video of your biking safety signals – maybe even turn it into a dance! #boulderbikeswherever
  • Getting ready to ride – Share a video where you run through your ABC Quick Check (Air, brakes, chain, cassette, quick release, spin the pedals – at least three actions should be fine) #boulderbikeswherever #communitycycles
  • In the 1970s, Boulder was home to a noted multi-stage, pro bike race. Share a photo of the Boulder park that hosted the criterium stage and now has a monument and tot track in its honor. #boulderbikeswherever #ProBikes4Life
  • What is the oldest surviving home in Boulder? Share a photo next to the home. #boulderbikeswherever
  • One of our underpasses has its own beacon. Share a photo of your bike beside the glowing underpass obelisk #boulderbikeswherever #40DegreesNorth
  • One of the more famous architects of Boulder was Charles Haertling. Two of Charles Haertling’s earliest homes were built on the same block on the hill. Where are they? Share a photo at either home. #boulderbikeswherever #monthofmodern
  • A model solar system was installed in Boulder in memory of astronaut and CU alum Ellison Onizuka. Share a photo of yourself with one of the planets! #boulderbikeswherever
  • This outdoor theater is named after the first woman to teach at a state university in the country (also first female professor at CU). Share a photo on stage! #boulderbikeswherever #transportationbuffs
  • Where is the cottage that suffragette Theodosia Ammons designed and resided in with her two sisters Gwendolyn and Ann? Share a photo at the cottage! #boulderbikeswherever
  • Find Boulder’s only independent community radio station and share a photo! #boulderbikeswherever #kgnu
  • Find one of our favorite sponsors and share a photo with their tree icon. #boulderbikeswherever #alpinebank
  • Share a photo of the ORIGINAL Boulder Rail Depot building that was previously located downtown. #boulderbikeswherever #boulderbcycle #bouldertc