Angus MacInnis: Transit Village Station

Currently, Transit Village is desolate and disconnected. The railway is essentially an expansive patch of dirt with an industrial rail line [...]

Angus MacInnis: Transit Village Station2019-10-01T12:20:08-06:00

ENVD Praxis Design Build Studio: Community Livingroom

Kathryn Burgess, Peter Curtiss, Emily Davis, Tristan Govreau, Peitao Huang, Gabriel Onderdonk, Diego Pereda, Marco Rossi, Jacob Schiesser, Lauren Sharpe, Morgan [...]

ENVD Praxis Design Build Studio: Community Livingroom2019-10-01T12:14:05-06:00

Kathleen Moylan: A Writer’s Lookout

For this project, I was given a figurative client to work with. His name was James Hemmingway and he was a [...]

Kathleen Moylan: A Writer’s Lookout2019-10-01T12:20:18-06:00
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