Month of Modern is thrilled to announce that Cocktail Squad is an official sponsor! ⭐️COCKTAIL SQUAD⭐️ is a ⭐️SMALL-BATCHED, MODERN BAR™⭐️: simple, elevated, and portable | fully-loaded, ready-to-drink canned cocktails.

Cocktail Squad will be served during the Kick Off and Wrap Party events.

The Story

Before starting Cocktail Squad, husband and wife duo John and Lauren Maggio routinely escaped to a neighborhood bar for a quick cocktail. They brought their venture to life in 2018 with the release of canned traditional cocktails: a greyhound, margarita, vodka soda, and gin and tonic.

“I had this lightning-bolt moment,” said Lauren. “There are so many people like us who are busy working hard and in throes of parenthood who would appreciate an elevated cocktail that’s convenient and portable.”

Cocktail Squad

Cocktail Squad involves a pack of Boulderites with broad experience in launching brands in natural foods, as well as Brett Zimmerman, a master sommelier who owns Boulder Wine Merchant. That’s the “squad.”

Some might ask how cocktails and design are related, but the way Lauren sees it, she’s just doing what feels true to herself. Launching a like of craft cocktails is an extension of my hometown cultures, Boulder and New Orleans. We enjoy life to it’s fullest:

Laissez les bons temps rouler (let the good times roll)!