Month of Modern humbly began as a celebration. A group of design lovers—Modern in Denver magazine, HMH Architecture + Interiors, Annabel Media and the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art—wanted to give the design community a way to connect over a shared passion for Colorado modern architecture and design.

Along the way we realized that this thing we call “Colorado modern” is just beginning to emerge as a recognizable design aesthetic.

Architect Renee del Gaudio said it best, “Colorado is on the brink of developing a ‘regional’ modern architecture, which is a combination of our dedication to sustainability, and the rich history of our unique state.”

But what do other design icons and experts have to say? We posed the question and these are a few of their insightful answers.

“Colorado modern is a blend of precision and bespoke, inviting the wildness of our surroundings into a pared down aesthetic. Our region’s ranching, mining and agricultural history roughen up the edges of ‘pure’ modernism. We have described it as ‘beat to hell modernism.’” David Barrett, Barrett Studio Architecture

“Colorado modern” represents the cleverness of Colorado architects in their ability to adapt what was originally a fair-weather aesthetic to Colorado’s more demanding terrain and climate.” Graham Bowman, Workshop 8

“Modern is dictated by the surrounding land, blurring the lines between space, the complementary mixture of materials.” Allen Bales, Studio 2b

“The use of organic materials in harmony with glass, metals and concrete creates a balance and harmony of contrasting elements that represent the same synergy of emotions between people living in a shared environment.” Samantha Bales, Studio 2b

“I immediately think of mountains. Colorado modern leverages the beautiful views and rock outcroppings in the mountain communities, particularly around Denver and Boulder. It’s unique because it blends cool, strong lines and classic elements of mountain architecture.” Travis Leo, Residential Systems, Inc.

“Colorado modern combines that cabin-like feeling. It’s a home that is in tune with and interacts with its surroundings while using honest, high-quality materials, innovative engineering and unnecessary adornment.” – Jonathan Auty, ModMobili

“Colorado modern is distinguished by two factors: 1. Locally available vernacular materials, such as quarried stone and 2. Design details—window placement, roof lines, overhangs and exterior surfaces—specifically suited to our climate; the wind, sun and weather.” – Rich Sands, Hammerwell Incorporated

“Colorado modern design isn’t about trend, it’s about timelessness. It’s about warmth and soul, and connecting structures to the Colorado landscape.” – Derek Guarascio, TreeLine Homes

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