We sat down with Emily Axtman of Boulder’s WORKSHOP8 to find out what she loves, what inspires her and, most importantly, learned how she is living the dream.

  • Name
    Emily Axtman
  • Occupation:
    Designer at WORKSHOP8
  • Vintage or New?
  • What materials and textures do you use the most?
    Concrete, corrugated metal, SIPs, Hardi Panel siding, anything that can be re-used and / or recycled
  • What is one of your dream projects and/or collaborations?
    A dream project would be everything we work on currently: quality housing that provides the platform for lower-income Colorado residents to live healthy and productive lives such as Spring Creek (senior housing) in Longmont; high impact projects such as the Jamestown Fire Station; and community-based art installations such as the DAM installation. These are all amazing and great projects and they have all been dream projects for me.
  • What is your favorite design-related word?
  • What design rule do you love to break?
    “Meet this deadline.” (I don’t love to break this rule.)
  • Favorite modern architect or designer?
    Samuel Mockbee
    “Everyone, rich or poor, deserves a shelter for the soul.” -SM
    “It’s not about your greatness as an architect, but your compassion.” -SM
  • What is your favorite room in a house?
    A porch with rocking chairs!
  • What is your most treasured possession?
    Memories of travels and people I’ve met and have had the opportunity to work with.
  • What historic period would you like to live in for a week and why?
    The 1950s. I would like to have been around to see the US before present-day suburbia took over (Levittown in the 1950s)“Any fool can build homes- what counts is how many you can sell for how little.” – William J. Levitt