Studio B Architecture + Interiors has pushed the boundaries of Colorado modern design for more than two decades. We sat down to chat with Mike Piche, principal of the firm’s new office in Boulder, CO.

  • Name
    Mike Piche
  • Occupation:
    Architect – Principal, Studio B Architecture + Interiors
  • What materials and textures do you use the most?
    Glass. It is such a dynamic material. It has the ability to completely disappear and provide an intimate connection to other spaces, to be translucent and hint at adjacent activities or to be totally opaque and reflective.
  • What is one of your dream projects and/or collaborations?
    Our Non-Finito project in Woody Creek, Colorado. This project is about enjoying the process of modern design. From in-depth philosophical discussions, to construction meetings, we have had a thoughtful meaningful dialogue with the owner and design team that has yielded some amazing ideas. As the name suggests, this project is about getting to the essence of a simple, great idea and not about over designing or over detailing.
  • What is your favorite design-related word?
    Restraint. A simple, clear ideas always seems to resonate with me the most.
  • What design rule do you love to break?
    Ideally, you should go into each project with the mentality that there are no rules. However, we all have preconceived notions on what the project should be. Though dialogue with the owner, our design collaborators and deeper emersion into the design parameters, it is the most rewarding to end up with a design that I could not have imagined in the beginning.
  • Favorite modern architect or designer?
    Charles and Ray Eames. They were design leaders across so many fields, not just Architecture.
  • What is your favorite room in a house?
    The verandah
  • What is your most treasured possession?
    My fly fishing rod.
  • What historic period would you like to live in for a week and why?
    1960’s. It was such a transformative time for our Country, it would be amazing to see.