As an intern at one of Boulder’s most established and celebrated architecture firms, Raquel Mayorga has a unique perspective on the use of passive solar and eco-friendly building practices.

  • Name
    Raquel Mayorga
  • Occupation:
    Intern Architect, Gettliffe Architecture
  • Vintage or New?
    A mix of vintage and new would be ideal, where both looks play off each other.
  • What materials and textures do you use the most?
    Honest and low maintenance materials: wood, steel and concrete, in contrast with transparencies, regular and acid-edged glass.
  • What is one of your dream projects and/or collaborations?
    My dream project is a Center for the Arts that would include an exhibit space, a library and a cinema, all connected by an urban plaza where a lot of social collisions would take place.
  • What is your favorite design-related word?
  • What design rule do you love to break?
  • Favorite modern architect or designer?
    I love Herzog and DeMueron.
  • What is your favorite room in a house?
    The patio.
  • What is your most treasured possession?
    My black lululemon yoga mat.
  • What historic period would you like to live in for a week and why?
    I really love the 60’s and the birth of Pop Art! I find the aesthetics of the time very appealing. There was an emerging sense of design that included simplicity, functionality and on-going exploration also celebrating material consumer culture, iconography and advertising.