MOM21 Student Design Award

Design is all around us, rooting us to our past and sowing the seeds for our future. Just like we admire great historical monuments, we also look forward and envision what the landscape of tomorrow will be. This is why Month of Modern places such importance on discovering and promoting new generations of architects, and those who will build on the foundation of the masters to forge new paths of innovation and development.

The Month of Modern CU Student Design Award celebrates students in architecture, interior, landscape and urban design who are pushing the boundaries and developing future environments in ways that enrich lives utilizing new, exciting technologies and materials.


Aiden Paul Lie

Aiden Paul Liu

Harmon Lee

Harmon Lee


Designers were invited to create a concept for a bicycle shelter for bike storage at 1720 15th Street in Boulder. Each entry had to meet the minimum requirements listed below. The intent was to demonstrate that bike shelters can be beautiful, thoughtfully designed, affordable to build, and part of a community.

  • Must provide protected storage for 4-8 bicycles
  • The designer may choose to include electric bike charging
  • Must be accessible to public
  • May be considered as part of a bike sharing program

Please credit Lisa Doane Photography when sharing photos!


Entries were blind-judged by a team of established commercial and residential industry leaders from multiple disciplines such as, Interior Design, Architecture, Landscape Design and Cycling located throughout Boulder. The winners were announced the evening of the Awards Presentation on September 23, 2021.

Each entry for the MOM Student Design Award was judged on how successfully the project met the following criteria:

  • statement of design intent,
  • resolution of the program or idea, and
  • the quality of the submittal materials (i.e., presentation graphics and composition, elements and principles of design, creativity and visual appeal
Harvey Hine - HMH Architecture + Interiors

Harvey M. Hine, AIA

David Barrett - Barrett Studio Architects

David Barrett, FAIA
Barrett Studio

Neal Evers
Instructor | ENVD

Kyle Burds

Kyle Burds
Studio B

Sue Prant

Sue Prant
Community Cycles

Luke Sanzone - Marpa Landscape

Luke Sanzone