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What is it that attracts so many of us to “funky” in our cities and communities? In a world hell-bent on control, on perfection, predictability and the illusion of security, why are we drawn to imperfection, serendipity, surprise and impermanence? City planning by nature, can squeeze the life out of cities as they often come about planning to control chaos or disorder, with no awareness of the human desires and need for a balance that leads to freedom, creative interactions, open-endedness and chance encounters.  Architects, planners, and developers from Santa Barbara, Denver, and Boulder will show how they went beyond gentrification to create desirable places of authenticity.

The “We Love the Funk” Event will open it’s doors on Wednesday, October 17 at 6:00pm at The Museum of Boulder. Expect great food and enjoy drinks while learning from and sharing experiences with other like-minded modern design enthusiasts.



Clay Aurell

Clay Aurell, AIA
AB Studio, Santa Barbara

Josh Blumer

Josh Blumer, AIA
AB Studio, Santa Barbara

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