Not only does Month of Modern present the Boulder region as one of the nation’s most vibrant hubs of modern design, but it also partners with non-profit organizations to help raise funds for a particular cause. This year, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Historic Boulder, an organization dedicated to fostering the spirit and promoting the benefits of preservation through education, advocacy, rehabilitation & celebration.

Month of Modern, held in September in Boulder, will feature opportunities to raise funds for this deserving organization at all events throughout the month.

Old places are where our lives, memories, and stories began. They connect us to the past, anchor us to the present, and lead us into the future. These places inspire us to create a stronger community, because they belong to all of us.

For 50 years, Historic Boulder has worked to save Boulder’s historic sites; tell the full Boulder story; build stronger communities; and invest in preservation’s future.

Thanks to the passion and dedication of our supporters, we’ve been able to protect hundreds of places. Help us save places that matter—for ourselves, each other, and our future together.

To learn more about Historic Boulder visit here.