In the city of Boulder you would be hard pressed to find anyone more tuned into the best of the best than Jennifer Egbert of Jennifer Egbert Real Estate. Well-known for her weekly blog roundups of events, happenings, and need-to-know info, we asked her for a little taste of her favorites…all the little things that make a modern life worth living in big, beautiful Colorado.

  • Favorite Modern Building
    Boulder Smiles. You can find it on our Map of Modern. Its a MCM gem
  • Best View in Boulder:
    There are a few—From the top of the parking garage on 16th and Pearl, from 19 Arrowleaf Court, as you come over the hill on 36, the Anthem Branding headquarters conference room, and 2010 Alpine.
  • Where I Shop for Furniture:
    Madelife is insanely cool; DWR for classic, modern pieces; Bishop for eclectic pieces to mix with modern. I also call on Joe McGuire Design and Leap Interior Design to find great pieces, elsewhere.
  • Restaurant I Can’t Live Without:
    If Frasca and the Kitchen left Boulder, I’d be heartbroken.
  • Favorite Morning Hike:
    Dragging my 4 year old up Hawthorn and then the Goat Trail to tire him out.
  • Best Place to Spend a Rainy Day:
    Boxcar, Pekoe and the living room in our newly remodeled mid-century modern home in North Boulder
  • Top Place to Caffeinate:
    Pekoe. I drink their Maté.
  • Best Place to Relax and Unwind:
    The massage/acupuncture office of Sky Van Horn