This week we are celebrating the art of design and architecture photography. Throughout the week, five of Colorado’s top design photographers will take over the Month of Modern website and social media, showcasing their favorite shots, providing insight about their inspiration, and offering a behind the scenes look at how each photograph takes shape.

With a smart phone in every pocket, we forget the amount of time and expertise needed to capture incredible photography. Eventually these photos make their way into portfolios and magazines, but always with the architect or designer at the forefront of the story.

Modern Through the Lens was founded to celebrate the art of photography, and give some of Colorado’s top design photographers their day in the spotlight.

“Often photographs are the only way people experience a building,” says noted Colorado architecture photographer David Lauer. “Capturing the feeling of a space is not only about a great composition, but how the elements work together to create the mood. Architects and designers create three-dimensional experiences, we have to capture that same feeling in a two-dimensional way.”

Here are a few of our favorites from this week’s submissions:

©Andrew Pogue Photography

©David Lauer Photography

©Daniel O'Connor Photography

©James Maynard Photography

©James Ray Spahn Photography

©EMR Photography