On the same night the Mod Cocktail Party allowed guests to celebrate the cocktails, food, fashion and design of the late 1950s and early ’60s, Surround locked up our architecture contest to select Boulder’s favorite modern building.

The Surround, Big Alpine House, edged runner-up Coburn’s Dyroff Project in the final round.


On the road to the championship, Surround came out of the Sweet 16 bracket, defeating GH Phipps in the first round, Sopher Sparn in the Elite 8, and Arch11 in the Final 4 before slipping past Coburn for the championship.

Here are the final-round vote totals:

Surround: 92 votes (58.6 percent)
Coburn: 65 votes (41.4 percent)


Our online version of October Madness began with a field of 16 modern buildings with Boulder roots. Modern architecture fans were able to vote online for their favorite buildings, and after four rounds, the top two contenders were on display at the Month of Mod Party for the final LIVE VOTE. We had an average of 1000 online votes per round – WAY TO GO! 

Surround was awarded the Month of Modern 2016 Award – designed by Todd Reed! Todd’s inspiration behind the design for the award was his love for architecture and the raw building materials involved in the building process.

Todd Reed Cherie Goff
Todd Reed Dale Hubbard
Dale Hubbard - Surround Architecture

There are no wrong answers when picking your favorite Boulder Modern Buildings, especially between these sixteen firms! Big thanks to all who participated!