Presented by Audi Boulder at Madelife

With the pace of innovation, what role does technology play in the future of design? In a culture of planned obsolescence, what is our responsibility to improve upon ideas rather than creating a new shiny object? How can we marry technology with design to strengthen our families and communities?

Join us October 14, 6:00-­8:00 pm at Madelife as some of Boulder’s brightest minds consider:

  1. How technology is changing the way we design e​verything from cars to homes to furniture;
  2. In a world of disposable products, it’s time to p​ause, look at what IS working, and discuss how we can improve on these ideas rather than trying to “disrupt” them;
  3. How can the design community create spaces, products and communities that make our lives more human, and​ help combat the loneliness and isolation created by technology.


  • Dominique Gettliffe, Principal, Gettliffe Architecture: ​“One lens through which we can look at technology and responsible innovation is the impact on human connection.”
  • Mark Bloomfield, Principal, Sustainably Built: “​When we’re building an energy efficient home, we can combine new technologies with principles…”
  • Jason McCloskey, Owner, Flitch Studios: “I will examine the issues of how traditional craft is portrayed compared to using “new” technologies and the stigmas around each school of thought.”
  • Kevin Learmann, Vice President of Systems Consultation, Residential Systems Inc.: “H​ow will home technology help our homes be safer, more intuitive and create stronger families and stronger communities?”
  • Nat Carruthers, Audi Boulder:​ “How does the “design process” impact the future of the automotive landscape as technologies change to deal with ‘planned obsolescence’.”