A R T²


ART² focuses on selecting and showing exquisite, extraordinary pieces that are often not available in Colorado, displaying to Boulder and surrounding communities the artists that one would normally have to travel to see. Here, local, regional and national artists combine to present a stunning and eclectic collection that is open to the public. Located at 2440 and 2490 Junction Place in Boulder, gallery hours are Monday-Friday, 10:00 am—5:00 pm, or by appointment. For a memorable and remarkable experience, come visit!

ART² also encourages emerging artists to pursue their work on a full-time basis—and strives to provide the practical aspects for them to do so. The transition from academia into the reality of surviving as an artist in the “real world” can be challenging. Networking opportunities with established artists is made available to provide inspiration, courage and confidence to creative individuals—artists who dream of achieving their goal of becoming self-supporting artists.

Hence, the bi-line for ART²…
Awaken Raw Talent

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