Matter Surfaces | Bolon

We are Matter Surfaces – an old friend with a new name. We’re your partner for design flooring and entrance systems.

Bolon is a world leading design company creating flooring, rugs and experiences.

We believe in design for the long run. Where durability and aesthetics are equally important. Where effortless cleanability and maintenance comes naturally. And where honest sustainability stands above it all. For us, great design is design that lasts. It’s an art of performance. Our flooring solutions are suitable for all sizes of projects in all segments; from offices, hospitality and healthcare to education as well as residential projects.

100% commitment to sustainability

The Bolon vision is to offer supreme products that are part of a circular material flow, safe for humans and nature and with zero climate impact.

Beauty with Benefits

We love clean floors, but not cleaning. Luckily the unique composition of Bolon doesn’t only look great, but it also makes it easy to clean and maintain. Win-win!
The flooring is impervious and solid, making it equipped for wet cleaning and cleaning machines. Stains are easily removed using hot water.