Modern in Denver Magazine

Modern is more than a design aesthetic. It’s a state of mind. Our state.

Meet Modern In Denver magazine. We celebrate modern design and living in Colorado. But we balk at the walls of limitation that a title constructs! We’re much more than a magazine. MID is also a platform for discussing and exploring outside-the-box ways of living that are inspired by modern design and practices.

And just what is modern?

We heard an ugly rumor that modern design connotes a cold & sterile environment. That particular brand of modern certainly exists. But we’re friends with the type that greets you at the door with your house slippers and an honest mix of materials and methods. Modern can be comfortable, and we’re here to show you how.

We think good design can be an integral part of real life. In fact, we’ve seen it. And we want to tell you about it. We find it important to connect the designs we feature to the particulars of our place, our community, and the people in it. This makes it real, practical and possible for great modern design to become part of your life.