R Design

R Design believes that landscape architecture is the marriage between architecture and nature. We create landscapes that are visually stimulating and highly functional. Our design style is modern, using bold forms, repetition, geometry and contrast to create strong visual connections between the landscape and architecture. A less-is-more approach makes every element more important and heightens your perception of space, color and movement. Environmentally sensitive landscapes are essential in Colorado. Drought-tolerant plant materials, water zones, thoughtful use of materials and planning create spaces that look organized and timeless, yet establish an appropriate balance with nature.

Founded in 2003 by Ransom Beegles and Ryan Manning, R DESIGN is the recipient of numerous design awards and has been recognized by local and national media. Our firm has designed and managed numerous projects ranging from small courtyards to large community master plans. Some of our collaborators have included internationally recognized architects, public entities such as City Governments, School Districts and Parks Departments as well as private clients. Our work exhibits a commitment to preserve each site’s heritage, restore indigenous eco-systems and address the needs of cultural functions with creative and resourceful solutions.