Modern design was founded as a rebellion against the status quo. Heavy ornamentation gave way to simple, clean, light-filled spaces. Abstraction rather than literal interpretation was embraced. Bright, primary colors became a hallmark of the style.

During this period, art, music, photography, dance and literature were undergoing a similar transformation, moving away from traditional constructs and concepts into a realm of abstraction and personal expression.

While “modern style” has become mainstream, that spirit of rebellion continues to evolve and change with artists continually pushing the boundaries of what’s acceptable, possible and popular.

In Colorado, we have an incredible community of modern and contemporary artists who are constantly pushing towards a new paradigm. However, while many of these artists enjoy national recognition, many of them are not well known by our local communities.

We think it’s time for Coloradans to learn a little more about our vast and varied modern and contemporary art community, which is why we chose to highlight a group of some of the most talented artists in the state during our Culture of Modern Week.

This list is by no means comprehensive, but for those interested in learning a little more about the group of men and women transforming the artistic landscape of Colorado, it’s a good start. Stay tuned to the Month of Modern Facebook page for highlights from this list.

And, don’t forget that you can view all of these artists and more at Colorado’s renowned modern and contemporary art museums including: The Denver Art Museum, Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Museum of Contemporary Art Denver, Vance Kirkland Museum, and the Aspen Art Museum.

Herbert Bayer
Vance Kirkland
Daniel Sprick
John DeAndrea
Betty Woodman
George Woodman
Todd Siler
Bruce Price
Bill Amundson
John McEnroe
Mary Ehrin
Stephen Batura
Jim Green
Gary Emrich
Chuck Forsman
Clark Richert
Martha Russo
Kelly Monico
Derrick Velasquez
Mark Amerika
Dmitri Obergfell
Amber Cobb
Bill Stockman
Sharon Feder
Susan Wick
Margaret Neumann
Tyler Beard
Julie Puma
Kristen Hatgi Sink
Mark Sink
Christina Battle
Viviane LeCourtois
Nikki Pike
Stacey Steers
Amy Metier
Phil Bender
Terry Campbell
Thomas Scharfenberg
Mario Zoots
Kim Dickey
Donald Fodness
Ian Fisher
Matthew Harris
Tobias Fike
Amelia Carley
Michael Theodore
Bruce Price
Joel Swanson
John McEnroe
Rick Dula
Berger & Fohr
Conor King