When someone hears the name Fuckup Nights (FuN), all sorts of other things come to mind. And no, we’re not in the business of certain after dark activities, or, shall we say, things of a more adult nature.

Failure is everywhere – in business, communication, technology, politics, art. But we’re constantly told that failure is wrong, that it’s shameful. Nobody talks about it… Well, we do. 

So then, what is Fuckup Nights?

Fuckup Nights  (FuN) was created in Mexico in 2012 when five friends got drunk on mezcal and someone asked: “Why does everybody always talk about the Zuckerbergs and the Gates of the world, but no one ever shares their failures?” Since then, Fuckup Nights has grown into a global community in more than 300 cities across 90 countries where speakers share their stories of professional failure.

So, now you may be wondering, why share stories of failure?

Fuckup Nights is all about living life without filters, even if that means having difficult conversations. We believe that the stigma surrounding failure is more harmful than failure itself – and that’s why we’ve created a spaces to share, defeat our ego, and allow ourselves to be authentic and vulnerable.

We think the best part of our movement is that everyone is welcome. Failure doesn’t discriminate, and neither do we – so check out our events page and come join us.

Now that you know the basics, we can get into the grisly details *hand rubbing*…

This September, Month of Modern got five Boulder Professionals to get up in front of a room full of strangers to share their own story of failure. Each storyteller will have about 7 minutes to share their fail story and lessons learned. Once the f’upper has made it through their story, the audience has a few minutes to ask some questions.

So, now you know!

The next time you’re asked “What is Fuckup Nights?” you know what to say: “They share stories of failure” 😉
Join the movement.
Share the failure.