THANK YOU to our dessert sponsor, Emma Nelson with Daydream Dessert!! We are so excited to taste your famously scrumptious sweets!

Daydream Desserts will be serving up some yummy treats during the Wrap Party at eTown on 10/25.

Article Dana Lapinel | Photography Brittni Bell Warshaw

Did you know you actually can have your cake and eat it too? You can thank self-proclaimed dessert alchemist Emma Nelson and her raw dessert company, Daydream Desserts for that. (And that’s a big thank you.)

Raw desserts focus on whole, organic, plant-based ingredients that don’t have to be baked. Instead of white flour and sugar — that are pro-inflammatory and lack nutritional value — raw cacao, nuts, seeds, fruits, and the main sweetener, ground dates, are substituted as a vegan twist. It is a form of art and science, as Nelson mixes up reinvented recipes using her taste and gut.

“I experiment all of the time, trying to recreate some of my favorite recipes like cinnamon rolls and donuts, to make them healthier, nutritional and also delicious,” says Nelson.

We support that.

Nelson’s mother was a guiding force as a fellow food entrepreneur herself.

“As a teenager, I watched her start Wedderspoon USA, importing raw manuka honey. I helped her label the jars and would pass out samples at trade shows. Today, their products are in every major retailer,” says Nelson. “She is always encouraging me along this crazy journey.”

Since launching Daydream Desserts in 2015 (formerly known as Emmapie’s Kitchen) at the Boulders Farmers Market, her desserts have taken off since the concept reflects present-day’s shift to a healthy lifestyle with plants at the center of people’s diets. The future is plant-based living. This is why Nelson’s concept fits in with Month of Modern’s motto, where Daydream Desserts is the official sponsor of the Cocktail Wrap Party at eTown on October 25th. *Spoiler Alert.* There will be samples of Trill Bars, raw cheezecake slices and a modern take on pumpkin pie to fit the season.

As far as the future looks, “Daydream is fully independent which has its pros and limitations to growth. I go back and forth between wanting to create a local dessert shop or become a national CPG company. My dream is to have both, so we will see where things go!”

Follow Emma Nelson’s life in the raw at and @daydream_dessert.